We build custom computers for both the home user and for the office. All computers are custom built for your exact needs. Whether you need a single computer for your personal home use or fifty for an office, we can build them for you at affordable prices.  Most systems can be delivered in less than ten days from date of purchase.  When you buy your computer from us you can be sure that only the best components are used in your computer.  We don't cut corners like some companies just to save a buck since doing this only hinders the computer's performance, life, and upgradeability.  Please take a look at our AMD and Intel based systems below.


Once you have the computers you need we can setup small workgroups in your home or office to enable you to share a broadband connection with other computers, files, printers, and other accessories not available to all computers individually.  We offer both wired and wireless network options for your convenience.  Our choice brand for modems, routers, hubs, cable modems, and wireless cards is Linksys®.  Please contact us for network solutions.






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