As the lead web designer and computer configuration specialist, I have been serving the North Louisiana and other parts of the United States with custom built computers and web services for over 6 years.  I am a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a bachelor in Computer Information Systems.  I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and I am working towards my MCSA/MCSE certifications.


When I build a computer I make sure that they are built with only the best components available.  This ensures that hardware problems occur as little as possible and that the software in your computer will run at their best.  When buying a computer, don't just look at the processor speed and amount of memory but at the quality of the actual components.  Having just one component that is superior in quality, although similar in the specifications, can make a noticeable difference in performance.  That difference is what we strive to give you when you get your computer from us.


Thank you for choosing Frontaura Computer Services!





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