Welcome to Frontaura Computer Services.  Our services include website designs, web hosting, custom computer systems, and home and office networks. Frontaura Computer Services has been providing web and computer services throughout the United States for over 6 years


When you decide to do business with us, you can be sure that all of our products and services are of the highest quality.  We offer complete website designs and can even redesign an existing website. We also offer web hosting for your existing site or for a new site.  Also included in our web services are web maintenance and new domain registration services.


We build custom computers for your specific needs or can get your existing computer up to speed. Our computer services also include upgrades and repairs for when your computer is not doing so well. When you get your computer built by us you can also have us setup a computer network for either your home or office.  Whether your needs are wired or wireless we can provide it for you.

AMD has just released their new 64bit Windows compatible processors.  These new processors are the first step toward revolutionizing the PC industry.  The last time such a change came in the processor industry was 10 years ago when processors leaped to the 32bit format we are so familiar with today.  We are glad to offer these processors in our high end systems.  In the months and years to come except more software programs to include 64bit architecture to take advantage of this new format. 

To check out systems with the new AMD 64 processors, click here.

Also, to all users with Windows Operating Systems, make sure that you have the latest updates available for your computer.  You can check for updates here.  Keeping your computer up-to-date is a crucial part for insuring that you are not vulnerable to attacks which could be prevented.

We highly recommend all broadband users to get a firewall to protect against hacker attacks.  A firewall will greatly increase your defenses against someone trying to do damage or even take over your computer.  A firewall is a great first step towards a safer computing environment, although it does not make you invincible to a malicious threat.  An anti-virus program is also another good way to help keep your computer clean and safe.  At Frontaura Computer Services we recommend Trend Micro's PC-Cillin, which is available directly through Trend Micro's website.



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